SMART Move Transport System

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Smart Move© Transport System enables smart product handling for next generation manufacturing automation. It can easily link up any manual and automated process modules while providing easy setup and maintaining accessibility. Single lot size processing is possible without any modifications to existing machines. Smart features includes:

  • Modular and Scalable Transport Mechanism
  • IOT Pellet with Indoor Positioning
  • Decentralized and Distributed Intelligent Control
  • Built in Data Traceability
  • Multi Product and Single Lot Size Capability
  • Lean Design as Stoppers and Sensors not required
  • IOT Cart– V2 operates on Dual carriage with larger foot print of 400x400mm for carrying larger size products.
  • Dual carriage provides stable support and stopping accuracy with higher payload of 15Kgs with increased product height of 250mm.
  • Improved roller guide system and encoder feedback that provides referencing on single track to provide consistency in positioning while maintaining stable product transport at improved speed of 500mm/Sec.
  • New encoder feedback system allows a more accurate stopping position with stopping accuracy of +/- 0.10mm.

The Distributed Intelligent Transport System is suitable for automation of existing manual loading machine. By using using PixCell SMART Transport System, existing manual loading machines can be easily automated without any major modifications. Which also provides clear maintenance and set up accessibility around the machine.

Distributed Intelligent control eliminates the need for hundreds of sensors and stoppers on the track and thereby provides a lean machine design without extensive field wiring and huge control panels with hundreds of I/Os . Thus also supports green manufacturing through reduce power consumption.

IOT cart controls provide collision and impact free stoppage of cart at any point and protecting the product it carrying from mechanical impact.

IOT cart are equipped with on-board controllers with extensive memory that is enable the cart to keep the product specific data throughout its span of travel and thereby eliminating the need for multiple scanners.

Distributed Intelligent Transport System give lower power consumption compared to conventional roller conveyors.

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