Smart Edge

SMART Edge is a software program that is designed to let manufacturers apply smart manufacturing to their current manufacturing processes and equipment, in order to optimise the entire production process.

Currently, many of the traditional, legacy devices installed in factories around the world are unconnected as they have controllers and control languages that are not compatible with one another. This makes data collection and analysis a laborious task.

SMART Edge provides the common platform for monitoring the performance of these devices. It captures real-time data from manufacturing equipment and processes, and by analysing the data through fog and edge computing, it can help manufacturers make the right decisions to enhance the operational performance of their factories.

In manufacturing, devices commonly perform a specific task repeatedly. During this task, sensors can be used to measure physical attributes (force, distance etc.). The signals from the sensors are then digitized, and a “personalised” signature (waveform) that is specific to a particular device is formed. Machine learning is then applied to this signature to acquire the performance characteristics of the device.

Based on the personalised characteristics of the device, the normal operating parameters will be formed.

Should any of the physical attributes of the machine exceed or fall below the normal operating parameters, the user can then be warned via multiple messaging options (e.g. e-mail, WhatsApp) to take corrective action. Thus, the device health is monitored in this manner.

Based on all the data obtained, user can perform predictive or even prescriptive maintenance.

In the same way, this data collection and analysis process can be applied to production processes, and the process “signature” will be formed. Based on the data, users will be able to tell if there are any abnormalities in the process and corrective action can then be performed in a timely manner to ensure that product quality is under control.

SMART Edge can be used for:

  • Equipment Health Monitoring and Reporting
  • Preventive and Prescriptive Maintenance
  • Process Signature Verification and Analytics

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