PixCells offers unparalleled flexibility to manufacturers facing challenges from shorter product life, shorter time-to market and increased product complexity. PixCells agile manufacturing cells which are multi products capable, built-in with Rapid Change Over (RCO) concept and re-usable hardware, provides an unique manufacturing platform. Making it suitable for both low volume-high mix product manufacturing requirements and high volume mass production. A truly ideal candidate for Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing approach.

Agile, re-usable manufacturing cells that are multi-product capable.

A versatile robotic Pick and Place that can handle multiple end effectors with quick change.

Dockable process modules that can be rapidly changeover to run another process or product in the same base.

Monorail based IoT cart provides intelligent product transport between cells and also allows multiple products to be processed in the same line.

A low cost, highly efficient transport system with module level shuttles for traffic control and module connectivity.

manufacturing control system allow scalability and multi-product capability with simple recipe based operation and configuration without any re-programming of PLC or control system.

Complete end-to-end product traceability and production monitoring system.

Small: 1200 x 1900 x 2000
Medium: 1400 x 1900 x 2000
Large: 1600 x 1900 x 2000
300 x 250 x 200


PixCells agile manufacturing cells are multi products capable using the Rapid Change Over (RCO) concept. Multiple Processing Modules can be easily interchanged with the base, with its swing open module shuttle and robot mounting design. Processing Modules with unique RFID are readily identified by the base and appropriate program is automatically selected. Modules and Bases are equipped with Automatic Tool Changers (ATC) for quick engagement of electrical, pneumatic and vacuum connections without any wiring or tubing change.

New PixCells can be added to incrementally increase capacity to the line without any re-programming or rearrangement of existing line.

PixCell’s revolutionary, scalable design makes it suitable for manufacturing systems with “machine farming” concept. It is also capable of “batch size one” production.

This architecture also allows non-sequential placement of processing cells, enabling ease to increase capacity or introducing additional process steps in the line.

PixCells can also be arranged in traditional line layout link up with belt or plastic chain conveyors.

PixCells modular design allows product fixtures to be easily interchanged to run different products from same product family. The entire processing module can be also be interchanged to run a totally different product or process.

When the current product life ends, the entire machine along with its control system and handling unit (except the Processing Module specific to that product) can be re-used, reducing considerable investment cost for new
products lines.

Each PixCells Base is equipped with a two or three axes Delta Robot controlled by PLC to load and unload product either single or multiple at a time. End Effector can be easily interchanged using quick adaptors to cater for different products.

IoT Cart is able to accurately position to enable product pick up by PixCells Picker. It is dynamically positioned by PixCells controller based on the recipe and the product it is carrying.

IoT Cart is an autonomous cart that is used to transport the product throughout the line. They are fully equipped with its on-board controller and is Wifienabled. These stepper motor driven carts are bidirectional and able to transport product intelligently and communicate with PixCells Base seamlessly.

Traditional customised automation equipment requires customised design for each module resulting in long lead time and higher development cost. But PixCells’ unique design allows the standard bases in various sizes to be mass produced, and thereby lowering the overall cost, reduced leadtime and set up time.

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