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Every consumer product and device start its journey as a design that must be manufactured. Manufacturers must also contend with dual, unique manufacturing challenges driven by market demands. With the technology advancement, consumers require smaller and thinner devices that consume less energy yet growing functionality. 

From tiny metal parts, precise liquid filling to deep learning computers, creating manufacturing processes for these complex devices lies in the realm of advanced assembly solution.

With the deep expertise in driving SMART Manufacturing system, Pixel Automation strive to invent manufacturing system and integrations that make fabricating your complex devices at ease. In addition, our deep knowledge in areas like Final Assembly and Functionality Test, mechanical assembly, human machine interfaces, leak test, and fluid mechanics has enabled us to create unique and scalable manufacturing system at its highest quality.

Flexible Multi-Products Assembly System

Description :

Automated and Integrated machine in addressing Industry needs in flexible and multiple functional Product Assembly & Dispensing System with same footprint.

Key Challenges

  • To handle up to 3 different parts and 3 different processes in one integrated machine within small footprint.
  • Auto changeover of robot end effector for process change.

SMART Filter Insert Machine

Description :

SMART Insertion & Inspection Machine to handle complicated Insertion Process with minimal footprint for maximized space utilization and Output.

Machine throughput at 120ppm.

Key Challenges

  • To handle up to 4 different parts one integrated machine within small footprint.

Large Volume Liquid Filling and Packaging Line

Robotised Vision Assisted Dispensing and Packing System

Description :

End to End Full Automated Solution from Accurate & Precise Liquid Filling, Packaging and Palletizing with Full Product Traceability for Optimized output with minimal headcount.

Robotized Dispensing System

Description :

Precision robotized dispensing machine handling 4 different products in 5 different processes, with dispensing accuracy up to 0.1g

Robotized Vision Assisted Dispensing System

Liquid Filling Systems

Liquid Filling Systems

Description :

Custom designed liquid handling cart systems allows flexible lines with multiple product filling with fast change over time.

Carts are equipped with full degassing, micro filtering and re-circulation capabilities.

Automatic Robotized Packaging & Palletising System

Description :

High Speed packaging lines integrated with Cartoning/ Flow wrap/ Blister pack etc. to meet most industry packaging requirements

People-less Packaging Systems with Full Palletizing and De- palletizing

High Speed Robotized Automated Packaging Systems with Palletizing

Automated Intelligent Packaging Line with Mixed Product Run

Flexible Smart Packaging & Palletising System

Description :

Flexible Smart Packaging line to handle mixed product run, from up-stream to Full Palletizing to meet most industry packaging requirements.

Versatile Dual Function Packaging System

Description :

SMART Packaging Line with Versatile Dual Function to handle different packing type with full traceability within same footprint

Automated Packaging Line for Host and Trade Packing

Automated Precision Part Assembly, Welding & Inspection Tool

Description :

Automated complex and precision part assembly, welding, leak check and height check processes into an integrated machine with assembly accuracy of up to 0.1”.

Key Challenges

  • To handle up to 4 different parts and 4 different processes in one integrated machine within small footprint.


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