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New technologies are accelerating innovation while significantly dropping the barriers to enter into the aerospace and defense domain area. The industry is expected to continue its growth trajectory, led by growing commercial aerospace production and strong defense spending.

Today, more than ever, aerospace and defense related engineering companies are required to accelerate their engineering lifecycle and work under an agile framework to reduce cost and the time to market while enhancing their engineering capability. 

In Pixel Automation, we know that innovation is not just a trend but a necessity. We are honored and committed to design engineer and build the electronics and precision mechanics technology that keeps millions safe around the world. We specialize in mission-critical high-mix/low-volume electro-mechanical systems for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and related supply chains.

As a proactive solutions partner, we take the needs of our customer seriously. We provide end-to-end capabilities from mechanical design, electrical design, system design, machine building, testing & verification under a full turnkey project management framework.

Aerospace and Defense have been a challenging and highly regulated industry with stringent quality control for the highest quality.

Pixel Automation offers several solutions to our customers in the aspect of high-speed metal processing and inspection, part handling, classification and grouping for the ease of mass operation.


Automated Metal Processing & Inspection Machine

Description :

Utilization of SMART Vision System for High Speed Product Quality Inspection to meet stringent quality requirements

Key Challenges

  • To handle stringent quality requirement with ability to detect non-conformance (NC) at +-2 micron.
  • High speed inspection and product classification.
  • Ability to handle product with various stamping design and shape, with zero mechanical changeover.
  • High speed data processing with end-to-end traceability enabled.


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